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21mm T2.9 CP2

The Zeiss 21mm T/2.9 CP.2 Compact Prime Cine Lens is a 21mm fixed focal length lens with a flexible design so that it can be used on both cinema and DSLR cameras. The lens supports full-frame coverage (24 x 36mm), and is suitable for HDSLRs with APS-C format sensors.

- 21mm fixed focal length
- Flexible design - allows it to be used on both cinema and DSLR cameras
- EF Mount
- Supports full-frame coverage (24 x 36mm)
- Suitable for HDSLRs with APS-C format sensors
- 14 high-precision blades create a consistently round and symmetrical iris opening over the entire T-stop range, for enhanced out-of-focus highlights and a smooth bokeh
- T* Anti-reflex coating and internal light traps help suppress disturbing flares
- Unique lens design helps provide enhanced contrast, resolution and color rendition, and reduces distortion
- Maximum aperture - T/2.9
- Sweet spot effect with APS-C sensors
- Calibrated lens scales
- Standard focus and iris gear positions
- Stable exposure due to manual operated aperture
- 300° focus rotation
- Manual focus
- Evenly illuminated field
- Consistent front diameter from lens to lens
- Rugged cine style housing
- Compatible with standard rig
- Markings for distance are given in fee


Zeiss 21mm T2.9 CP2

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