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Daylight HMI Spotlight - 400W

A fixture for single ended 400 W daylight metal halide lamps with unrivaled focusing range and unequaled light quality. Can be operated at 575 W with the same lamp when used in conjunction with the dedolight DEB400DT electronic ballast. Matches optical design of the DP400 projection attachment for flawless performance.
- Focus Angle: 50° - 4.5°
- Focus Intensity: 1 : 20
- Focus Scale: Indicates current angle of beam
- Weight: 4400 g (9.7 lbs)
- Lamp: DL400DHR-NB 400 W daylight single ended, Hot Restrike
- Cable: DPOW400DT, 7 m (23 ' )
- Mounting: 16 mm (5/8 " ) receptacle and 28 mm (11/8 ") stud
- Safety: Safety switch prevents operation when access door is open
- UV: Extremely low UV emission
- ON/OFF: On/Off push buttons located on both head and ballast for ease of operation


Dedolight Daylight HMI Spotlight - 400W

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