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The ODYSSEY ® is the first stabilizer in our range to feature a so-called "vertical architecture", the most frequently used in professional stabilizers designs, because it allows every possible movements. The Odyssey ® has a 11lbs / 5kg maximum load capacity.
You will choose it over Titan and Aura, if you really can't cope with their limits in terms of load capacity but also functionalities.
You'd go for L'AIGLE ODYSSEY ® because:
1. It makes each and very conceivable smooth tracking shots possible.
2. Its double action LTX ® arm is one of the best in the world, smooth, silent, iso-elastic, with a huge and linear boom.
3. A monitor can be attached to it and powered.


L'Aigle. Odysee

57,00 € 57,00 € 57.0 EUR

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