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Field production 48V-28V-14V Rugged Power Station

Input: 1 to 4 installable batteries, hot swappable
Output (outside): 6 simultaneous
2x regulated 48V, max 560W (user selectable)
2x regulated 28V, max 560W (user selectable)
2x regulated 14V, max 340W (always available)
Output (inside): 2x USB 5V 3A - 15W max/each
AC charging feature: 4 independent 65W battery chargers included to charge the batteries in place
Display: 20x4 backlighted LCD
Lightweight, IP67 waterproof, unbreakable case with ergonomic handle
Automatic valve to automatically self adjusts the internal air pressure
Heavy duty latches designed to remain closed even if the case falls
Reinforced corners for maximum impact resistance
Size: 434 x 371 x 193 mm
Weight: 5.5Kg without batteries


Blueshape PWS-RUGGED

37,00 € 37,00 € 37.0 EUR

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