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X SLIDER 2000 - HSK-5

Slidekamera X SLIDER is a professional equipment perfect for smooth shots during the camera movement.
- Suitable for light cameras and photo cameras of a total weight up to 20kg.
- Specially designed cart that moves along the rail carries the camera and leads it towards the object that is being filmed.
- The 3/8" hole built-in in the cart plate allows to mount devices with either 1/4" or 3/8" thread on the cart with the use of a proper reduction.
- Quick Folding System allows to quickly and comfortably unfold and prepare the side feet for work, as well as fold them and prepare for transport.
- Quick Grip System allows to lock the feet in any height comfortably (thanks to the ball latch).
- Height adjustment range up to 4cm.


Sliderkamera X SLIDER 2000 - HSK-5

45,80 € 45,80 € 45.8 EUR

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